I entered the CNC machining industry in 1996. My first job after some schooling was at Danaher Tool Group in Springfield Ma. We made ratchets for Craftsman and other tool companies. In ’99, they moved, and I got layoff. I left the field for solid work at Callaway Golf in Chicopee Massachusetts. Seven good years until I got laid off again.
Unemployment sent me to Asnuntuck.  There, I got the retraining I needed and got a job at Leipold Inc. in Windsor CT. I started on 2nd shift and have been on days for a while. Today I’m a Leipold lead trainer taking interns and new hires through their 90-day apprenticeship program. It’s been my pleasure to help 18 new hires and interns get good jobs. Our company is growing along with the industry across America. Asnuntuck gave me a career and the ability to take care of me and my family and for that, I’m grateful. –Mark A. Glenn–

Mark Glenn